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Val Majewski:
Well, welcome back to the federal retirement show. I'm your host, Val Majewski. And today is more of an announcement. So I want to share with you something that I recently did as a result of what I see as a need for federal employees to get the information that they're looking for. Now, we do this show, we provide you with a lot of guidance and information, things that we believe you need to know in your journey as a federal employee. But where can you get that all put together in an easy-to-understand format, something that's simple. Now, you can certainly get a full benefits and retirement analysis done. You can get a deep dive into your situation. But what if you just wanted to read some material? You can certainly go through all of these videos, which I'd recommend. Go back to our previous episodes, learn a lot about the information. But we did something a little different. So you have a tangible item that you can hold on to. So I wrote a book and the book is called There's No Excuse. Your Guide to Maximizing Your Federal Employee Benefits. And the idea is to answer the question of what do I need to know as a federal employee. What is the information that I need to study so that I can maximize, optimize, make more effective my working career as a federal employee and retire the way I want to? Well, that's what There's No Excuse is all about. It's a book and the title says There's No Excuse. And if I want to elaborate on it, it could be There's No Excuse for you not to retire. There's No Excuse for you not to know this information.

Val Majewski:
There's No Excuse to get to the end and realize I didn't understand this. I didn't know I needed to know this. I didn't know this was available. I didn't know. I didn't know. I didn't know. There's No Excuse. You can retire. You can work through your career exactly how you want to get to the end and be satisfied with all you've accomplished, all you did because you had the right information, you had the right guidance, you had the answers to the questions that you asked and you had answers to questions you didn't know to ask. And that's what this is all about. We always say we said at the beginning of this radio show, you don't know what you don't know. Well, hopefully this book will shed some light on those things. So I'm excited the book is out. There's two ways you can get it now. It's available on Amazon. If you looked it up, There's No Excuse. I'm the author of the book. You can certainly order a copy. I'd rather find a way to give you a copy. Now, if you go through a full benefits and retirement analysis, we can get you also your debt free roadmap. You can earn yourself a complimentary copy of this book and get the answers to the questions again that you have and maybe some of the answers that you didn't know you needed to get.

Val Majewski:
So the book is called again, There's No Excuse: Your Guide to Maximizing Your Federal Employee Benefits. I'm excited to bring it out and I really want to put a copy in your hands, So check it out and look forward to talking to you real soon. And.

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