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Val Majewski:
Well, welcome back to the Federal Retirement Show. I'm your host, Val Majewski with American Benefits Exchange. And as we wrap up 2023, we're into the holiday season and Christmas is upon us. It'll be here next week. And just wanted to share with you. Take a brief moment to share with you some of the gifts that we at the Federal Retirement Show and American Medical Exchange can provide you, the federal employee, that you may have gone through our previous episodes and you've seen all the information that we've provided, and our hope is that you found it valuable. You've found some value in that, because our job as federal benefits experts, as federal employee benefits specialist, is to give you the most honest, accurate information that we can so that you can make the best decisions as you go through your working career and as I mentioned, gifts. So you're probably thinking, okay, Val, look, you've got other episodes. We've watched them, we viewed them, we've seen the information. But what kind of gifts are you talking about? Well, one of them is on our website, uh, You can go on and request a benefits review and get a complimentary copy of There's No Excuse, the book that I wrote regarding benefits and retirement. It's called There's No Excuse Your Guide to Maximizing Your Federal Employee Benefits. We'd love to get a complimentary copy in your hands. We'd love to get complimentary copies in the hands of all the folks that are on your team, or that you manage or that you work with. That's why I wrote the book.

Val Majewski:
It's to get this information out there. Now, what else would we like to give? As you do recall from other episodes that we've talked about, the services we provide, uh, anything that we can do for a federal employee is going to be complimentary. So if we give reportings, if we do a full benefits and retirement evaluation, if we give some analysis, we give you all this information. It does not cost you a penny. This is our gift to you. Any of the services, any of the reports, any of the the things that we provide to you, our time, our efforts. Uh, answering your questions, even if we don't know the answer, because it's a question we've never gotten before, we will take the time and effort to find you the appropriate answer. None of that ever costs you a penny. That's a service that we want to provide. Now, what else can we do? Now, you may be thinking, okay, great. I've been watching these episodes. I love the information that these guys are sharing. Hopefully you're saying that what else can we do for your team? You can certainly recommend that other people tune in to watch, but we'd like to give. A benefits and retirement training session to your team. The folks in your office, the people that belong to or members of the association that they are a part of, or the union that you're a part of. And we do this on an annual basis, on a monthly basis, on a weekly basis. We do this nationwide. We have folks all over the country.

Val Majewski:
And again, we do this without any fees. We do this complimentary to you, the federal employee. Now this goes to any, any area of your benefits or retirement that you want us to discuss as well as maybe it's a full session that you want just want us to provide. There's really no set guideline. We can talk about any of the topics that you've seen on the show, and we can certainly do that for, uh, whatever amount of time we're allotted. Again, the purpose of this is that you get a complete and full understanding of your benefits and retirement situation, and you have the opportunity to see an expert, whether it's a virtual session or an in-person session in your office or it's outside, maybe it's at a union or association meeting, or just a regular gathering that you're having with other federal employees. We just want to continue to provide the information and the most up to date information to you all, so that you can make the best decisions, both now and as you rapidly approach retirement. I say rapidly approach because it'll be there faster than you think. Or they talk to us about our kids. You can remember taking them home and the next thing you know, they're driving off to college. It goes by very quickly. And the same can be said about your working career as a federal government employee. So having all the information, understanding all the ins and the outs, the short comings, the good, the bad, all of that will put you in the best situation from a knowledge standpoint so you can make the right decisions.

Val Majewski:
Again, what are the gifts that we want to give you? What are the things that we want to provide you a complimentary copy of the book that we wrote. There's no excuse. I say we I wrote the book, but it's for our company. We want to give you complimentary benefits and retirement analysis. You can do that by going to our website, Fill out the form and we'll make sure that somebody is in touch in order to review your entire situation, answer your questions. And then also, if you're interested in setting up a retirement seminar or training for your team, your office, your union, your association, reach out to us as well. You can fill out that same form on the website and we can request that information. The purpose for that, again, is to not just keep this hidden where you may be found, this channel, you found, this show, you've subscribed, you've loved it. All the content, uh, content that we've provided. But now it's time to share it with others. And we want to talk to every single federal employee. We want to reach every corner of your office and make sure that everyone has the same opportunity to better their situation and prepare as best as possible for their future retirement. Again, what can these sessions look like? They can be in your office. They could be outside at a union meeting. They could be virtual. They can be done on whatever time location that that you find is most suitable for your team, your people, your group, your union, your association.

Val Majewski:
And they can be for however long you want, whether that's 15 minutes. Just a quick overview, half hour, 45, or maybe a full two, 2.5 hour session to go over everything. A very comprehensive training. That's up to you. But our gift to the federal employee is information. Now, I know you're probably thinking, okay, is it an iPad. Is it a is it a subscription somewhere? Is it a trip? Unfortunately, no. Bobo, we do want to give is information that we believe is invaluable, and it can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your working career, and even more in retirement. Because you'll be better prepared. You'll be better prepared both today and as you go forward through your career. So again, this holiday season, this Christmas, we want to make sure you have the gift of this information. And we can do that in a variety of ways. I'll remind you one more time through the book. You're signing up for a personal benefits and retirement session, or getting a session or retirement training done for your team, your office, your union, your association. Reach out to us again. It's we'll be able to provide whatever services that you require. Get all of these services are done on a complimentary basis. Thank you for viewing this episode. Really thank you for joining us in 2023, and look forward to what 2024 has to offer and what's in store. Merry Christmas to everybody and I'll see you again on a future episode.

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